The property where Kootenay Ridge is located has its origin as a homestead quarter section offered to war veterans from the end of the First World War in or around 1918.

The property was originally inhabited by a local family that lived, worked and farmed the land from this period until close to the 1990's when our family purchased the land from them

There are various old buildings that remain on the property from this prior time that one can still see from old barns to old houses. These various antique structures are the better part of a century old and create a pleasant ambiance around the property. We take pride in the history of these old buildings and work to preserve their story. Currently the old farm house is undergoing a restoration to regain its original character, see photo gallery for pictures of this log home as its being restored.

From the point of purchasing the land the Huebert family have enjoyed it and cared for it ever since. The Huebert family have been long term residents of Golden BC and have their roots in land and outdoor lifestyle. They have extended the experience of this outdoor lifestyle through out the concept and development of these properties. They wish the future owners of these unique acreages much enjoyment and freedom living and recreating in this region of the Kootenays.