Kootenay Ridge Building Scheme    

                                            Schedule to Statutory Building Scheme: Kootenay Ridge.

                                         Please Note: There are no timelines set for build start dates.

  1. No further subdivision of any lot shall be permitted.
  2. One principal residence, one guest cabin, and one garage / shop for personal use only will be permitted on each lot. The principal residence is to have a minimum of 600 sq ft on ground floor and shall not exceed 6000 sq ft total and may contain in addition, excluding basement / walk out basement, a second story and/or tower. Guest cabin is to have a minimum of 260 sq ft on ground floor and shall not exceed a total floor area of 600 sq ft on the ground floor, and may contain in addition a second story, and can contain only one bathroom. No garage/shop shall exceed a total floor area of 2400 sq ft, and shall consist of a single floor unless living quarters are above.
  3. The principal residence, guest cabin and garage / shop shall each be enclosed, sided and completed within 18 months of the commencement of construction.
  4. All permanent structures shall be constructed on a permanent, full, concrete or pressure-treated timber foundation.
  5. No modular or mobile homes or recreational vehicle type accommodation shall be permitted on a permanent basis. A modular or mobile home shall be permitted as a temporary dwelling for a period of up to 18 months following the installation of the mobile home on the lot, and solely for the purpose of providing accommodation while a permanent structure is being constructed. The mobile or modular home will be removed upon completion of the permanent structure.
  6. All buildings including outbuildings shall impress on mountain architecture in design and be stained, painted or covered with a quality exterior finish, of stucco, wood, stone or brick, or finishing of a similar quality other than vinyl.
  7. Owners shall be permitted to carry out business from a principal residence or guest cottage. However, no owner shall be permitted to construct or operate an industrial or commercial shop or kennel, or operate a business servicing vehicles or equipment. The conduct of any business on any lot must meet the following criteria:
    • The business can be carried on within the confines of the principal residence or guest cabin, and is of a professional, artistic, semi-professional, home-based or tourism related character, such as a computer technician, artist, engineer, draughtsman or potter;
    • The business does not involve the installation, maintenance, service or repair or operation of motor vehicles, farm equipment, or heavy equipment;
    • Only one sign shall be permitted advertising the business, which sign shall be professionally lettered and created and shall be no larger than four feet by two feet.
  8. A buffer zone consisting of the naturally occurring vegetation on site, being mixed birch, poplar, spruce, pine and fir forest, of a minimum of 10 meters must be maintained on each lot along all property lines except along a main road, and no improvements shall be constructed within this buffer zone other than a fence.
  9. Any garage/shop shall be constructed so that a minimum of noise shall be permitted to escape from the shop. In the event that the noise disturbs any other resident of the neighborhood, the owner of the lot must immediately take steps to further insulate the shop against the escape of noise and shall not use the shop until such renovations have been completed.
  10. No lot shall be used for commercial agricultural purposes; owners may grow food for themselves. No more than two dogs, horse, cow or other large animal (e.g. Llama) shall reside on the lot. Owners are strictly liable to ensure that all pets do not create noise so as to disturb other neighbors. Dogs or other large pets shall not be permitted to roam at large, and must be confined by owners within the lot. This is a material term of the building scheme and is included to protect other neighbors from unwanted noise and intrusion from domestic animals and to protect the wildlife resources of the neighborhood, including the numerous ungulates which utilize the neighborhood for forage, travel and shelter. Any breach of this restriction of the building scheme shall entitle any affected neighbor to apply for an injunction prohibiting the owner of the lot from maintaining a domestic animal on the lot.
  11. No activity, including the recreational use of any lot by recreation motor vehicles (dirt bikes, quads, snowmobiles etc.) shall be conducted on any lot which creates unreasonable or continuous noise other than noise incidental to the construction of a residence, guest cottage or garage/shop, or in respect of the maintenance of the property. All such noise shall be confined to reasonable times and limits.
  12. No sewage disposal facility shall be constructed on any lot unless the plans and location have first been approved by the Ministry of Health of the Province of British Columbia or the other competent licensing authority in writing.
  13. All outside garbage shall be stored in secure bear-proof containers and shall be disposed of in an authorized landfill or by other authorized method. Garbage shall not be accumulated or stored to any extent on any lot, and shall not be buried on a lot in any circumstances. The owner of the lot shall not burn plastics or any toxic substances on a lot.
  14. No storage or accumulation of debris, junk, used building materials, furniture, disused machinery, vehicles or other like eyesores shall be permitted on any lot, other than storage of machinery and building materials required for construction of a principal residence, guest cabin or garage/shop, or for general maintenance and upkeep of the lot.
  15. No commercial logging shall be permitted on any lot. Removal of selected trees shall be permitted for reasons of safety, driveway and power line construction, location of building site and for subsequent views pertaining to the building site, however, large fir trees shall be left undisturbed unless they pose a safety hazard. Dead trees for personal firewood can be removed. Undergrowth may be maintained.
  16. Nothing contained in this lot development scheme shall be construed or implied as imposing on the Grantor any liability in the event of non-compliance or non-fulfillment of any of the stipulations contained herein.
  17. Any condition in this building scheme may be waived by the grantor in writing in his or her complete discretion.

End of Document